Prospective Students

Every year I seek to admit 1-2 PhD students to come study at UCLA and work on my research projects. 

Working on a research project provides invaluable mentoring and development opportunities for graduate students. It also allows you to get funding for your PhD through graduate student research assistantships (GSRs). People who work with me usually see themselves in the future as academics (professors), research or policy analysts in think tanks or similar organizations, analysts or evaluators for school districts, or doing development work in international organizations (World Bank, IDB, etc.).


If you want to come to UCLA, please contact me. Before you do that consider:


In addition, you should be interested in learning how to prepare and analyze large-scale data sets including administrative data sets from school districts, state-level data, international data (PISA, etc.) and/or survey data (NCES data). 


If all of this applies to you, please send me an email at I would love to hear from you!

ps. our admissions cycle usually closes on (or around) December 1st.